Wednesday, January 2, 2013


SICK generally means one of three different things.  It can mean.. 

1. Disgusting 
3. One who isn't feeling well

So When I say this Holiday season has been SICK.. I mean all three.. :)

 SICK= We all got sick and the flu has been going around. YUCK. BUMMER. LAME. Totally just NOT fun. But hey, good news is everyone should be on the uphill slope to feeling good again. No more feeling like this...


OR THIS... (It's always bad being sick.. but isn't it better to be the one throwing up rather than being the one thrown up on? Haha. SICK)

And last but not least... THIS

Luckily this was only a short period of the break for me. And luckily I'm not like this  boy and had to barf in a urinal... SICK

As for the good part about the holidays!.. Before I make you all SICK..
This Holiday break has been totally SICK in a good way :)

2. SICK= completely awesome because we had a "White Christmas" (Look how Happy it made my mother hahaha)

3. SICK= Santa came to our house and we got a POPCORN machine! Can you say Movie time!?

4. SICK= It is now 2013! Many things to come this year and big decisions to make! Happy New Year everyone! I hope your year is full of LAUGHTER!

5. SICK= an awesome break away from school and I'm ready to go back now. So hopefully I won't look like this.. ;)

Are you ready to go back to work/ school from the break? 
What was SICK to you over the holiday season?

Haha :) Thanks everyone for stopping by The Ramblings of Robin! Hopefully I didn't make you SICK. Hope everyone is having the good type of SICK holiday season!

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