Things I've Learned

  • #1: Sleep = No sleeping through devotionals! Haha- Sarah Wright
  • #2: Speeding = Speeding tickets... who woulda' thought?
  • #3: Do not walk on rape hill alone after dark.. You will probably get raped!
  • #4: Going home for a weekend is so nice! I love home!
  • #5: Not knowing how to use a sling shot can be deadly. (Backfire warning!)
  • #6: Think of the outcome before you do stupid things!
  • #7: Know what you want and where you want to go. Decisions are easier to make
  • #8: If you go to the creamery to get a hamburger... plan on it taking them a half an hour to make it.
  • #9: Remember your apartment keys. There is actually a lock for a reason.

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