Sunday, April 7, 2013

17 Days!

17 days till' school is out! :) Going on with the 20 reasons that I'm excited for Summer, here's 6-10. What gets you excited about the summer time?

#6: The 4th of July!! It's the epitome of summer for sure.
How to create this found here: this would be so much fun for little ones!!

#7: Wearing my summer clothes again! I want these cute summer clothes so bad!

#8: My mom's FRESH SUMMER SALSA! Basically the best fresh salsa anyone could ever have. It's a recipe from Mexico. Sooo yummy!
Includes your portions of: tomatos, cilantro, freshly squeezed limes, purple onion, and salt!

#9: To go riding four wheelers and dirt bikes. This is a picture of Honda Hills in Vernal! So excited

#10: To go back to my home singles ward. Love the ward back in good ole' V-town :)

Welp, that's basically 5 more things that I'm excited about! Not including my number one which is getting to see Lance everyday! No more long distance. Yeee!! And getting to be with my family :) Thanks for listening to The Ramblings of Robin! Hope you enjoyed some of the links and one of my favorite recipes! :)

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