Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Magic

What's been so magical??

1. First of all, I get to be home and see my friends, family, and Lance!

2. That Ella could shove so much of  this McDonalds burger into her mouth. Haha. Who knew!?

3. The snow that FINALLY CAME! And it completely dumped on Utah. Hallelujah!
(This is our gingerbread house this year!) :)

4. My brother got engaged! Phew! ;) How did he propose you ask?
     a.) Lots of guts and hyperventilation 
     b.) Her Birthday
     c.) Temple Square
     d.) Pedestal to take pictures on in front of the Temple
     e.) ME (the photographer)
     f.) "Aww"ing Young Womens group. "I've always wanted to see someone propose!"
And she said YES!! :) Karissa Page will be an awesome addition to our family! So excited!

5. Making Christmas Goodies! Found the cutest recipe on Pinterest for "How the Grinch Crinkled Christmas Cookies" Heres the link from my Pinterest for the recipe:

6. Being able to sleep in my own bed! I feel like a princess! Haha. Not really, that just went along with this picture I found. I didn't realize how much of an old lady I really felt like until I got to sleep on a good mattress again! (Is this old lady real or not? I can't decide!) Dead or Alive? That is the question..

What about Christmas is magical to you? Has your little sister ever tried to fit a hamburger bigger than her face in her mouth? Do you think that old lady is real or not? Haha. Thanks for dropping by my blog to listen to The Ramblings of Robin :) Have a Merry Christmas Everyone! 

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