Saturday, December 8, 2012

10 Recent things that have made me laugh:

1. Q: What do you call a red head that works at a bakery?
    A: A ginger bread man
2. My dad likes the song "I'm sexy and I know it" By: LMFAO
3. Boys that have a Pinterest account..
4. Lance thinks he's cool... someone needs to break him the news! ;) haha, Ok totally kidding.
5. Pretty sure 2 of my friends are drinking up before they go out to the desert (The Mission Field) right this very second...Hahaha
6. Someday this will be Sarah Nnah...

7. Taylor Swift... #sosad #sotrue #waytoofunny

8. This totally sounds like something Dallin would say!

 9. Four things to say...
     One: Grocery Store...
     Two: Topless...
     Three: Pants are either up too high or somethin' else is down way too low to be tucked in
     Four: This just should never be able to happen

10. I will never show Dallin this.. He'd actually do it.

Hope y'all laughed just a little, or at least laughed at how easily I can be amused! Thanks for dropping by my blog and listening to my Ramblings!
- Robin


  1. Bahaha... I love it, Robin! You're too cute. :) and that mustache/chest hair thing is disgusting!!!

    What's in a Name?

    1. Thanks! And ya.. I think I threw up a little bit the first time I saw it. Haha