Monday, December 10, 2012

Locked Out

It all started when my roommate was locked out of our apartment...
She called for back-up. Me and my roommate that was with me 
were too far away and didn't come to her rescue. So she looked like this..

You might think this sounds rude and terrible? But sadly we were too far away for a quick rescue and another roommate would be closer. The funny thing is that when we DID get home, however.. I got my keys out and realized that I had the wrong key! And my roommate didn't have her key at all!

So I looked like this..

But don't you fret. I wasn't angry for long! Because LUCKILY we got another roommates key so we didn't end up like this...

You'd think that after being locked out 4 times before that I'd remember my keys?? NOPE! I hope 5th time was the CHARM! :)

Have you ever been locked out of your apartment?
Have you ever had nose sickles? (Please don't answer that, I really don't want to know.)

Thanks for dropping by my blog! Hope you enjoyed my Ramblings!
- Robin

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